Hi there, I'm Sarah Elizabeth, the CEO of Love Design Co.!

And I believe you should love the home you live in!

I've always loved design. And I've always loved to paint. After Majoring in Art & Design, I saw a gap in the world of interior design. For years I struggled to find large, design-inspired paintings that captivate and yet enhance the rooms of my home.

Maybe you've had the same difficulty?


It's about the right color, the texture, the composition, and the mood. That's why—using my education and passion—I've created a series of art collections to solve my own problem... and to help you, too!
With years of experience running my own Art & Design businesses, I'm excited to bring you these handcrafted, fine art pieces from my Art Studio + home to yours:

  • Calm

  • Luxe

  • Timeless

Additionally, I believe that family is a gift to be treasured!


Truly, perspective is everything.


After repeat health challenges—embracing the unexpected and overcoming relentless trials—our family often finds that we hug each other tighter, and pray a little longer. Thank you, Jesus!


Now married for almost two decades... Jason and I are grateful for the crazy and miraculous journey we've experienced. And we're so very thankful for each of our three children. 

Which is also why we decided to create and co-found Love Design Co. It brings us together.


And, in addition to art, it also allows us to share the projects we've done... from start-to-finish custom home construction to countless room overhauls and remodels—we bring you design tips, budget advice, and even some trade secrets to help you style your life and home!

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Thank you!