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dining room tables & chairs

Design Tip (from Instagram Post):

"Picking the perfect table and chairs for your space"

I recommend leaving around at least 2.5'-3' between the chair and wall around the table, but if you have a fixed seat bench instead of chairs... you can get away with a bit tighter space - like 2ft.  If you plan to have an area rug under the table, just make sure you have at least 1.5'-2.5' extending beyond the length and width of the table all the way around... this ensures that the rug won’t look too small for the table and allows the chairs to scoot back.

Here are three of my favorite dining tables that I have either owned or worked with for clients! I have come across many and find these to be the best bang for your buck and the most timeless looks. When you are investing in something like this, you want it to stick around for awhile!


Average sized tables from 74”-84”, in 3 different price ranges (low-high). For all three tables below - I recommend either wood chairs, slip covered or a combo of both. We own the RH ones below and we love them (we have Burnt Oak but the Weathered Gray are beautiful in person too). White IKEA slip covered chairs would look gorgeous if you go with a natural or different colored finish. IKEA has great ones that we own (as pictured) and they've held up like new for years!  An alternate look for these sets would be tufted sloped arm dining chairs all around or just on the ends with the wood chairs on one side and a bench on the other.

Keep in mind--I always recommend  using place mats and never ever use harsh cleaners on the surface. Of the three I have listed below, the PB Benchwright has the most durable surface for kids, however... we have owned the RH Monastery Table for 2 years now and love it! The surface of the Bradding from Pier 1 is a veneer, so you will have to treat it with care... but it should hold up if you use place mats. Both the Monastery and Bradding have a vulnerable finish, so try to not leave wet things on the surface. 


Pier 1 Imports- Bradding Fixed Dining Table 84” - (Gray and Stonewashed Natural are my 2 favorite finishes - I have seen both in person). It’s a perfect size at 84”. There is also a 66" and it would be a beautiful desk or small dining table for a compact space.

Restoration Hardware  Monastery Table 76” in Gray Acacia - This is the table we currently own--beautiful finish and my favorite! It has a lot of natural wood tone in it, so it’s not as gray as the website pictures on RH.


Pottery Barn- Benchwright Fixed Dining Table - (Gray wash is my favorite now; although, all of the finishes are beautiful!) This table can get very pricey in the extension versions... but they are all beautiful. We owned the fixed one several years back in Rustic Mahogany and loved it--it looked like new after years of use with small kiddos! It works very well with a bench on one side and white slip covered chairs around it.


I typically recommend going cheaper on the chairs if your spend budget is tight. Splurge on the table because no one knows if the chairs are PB or IKEA. It's easier to see quality in the table, and that's the focal point after all! The IKEA Chairs will not disappoint though - people ask me often if mine are from PB. I love it that we can just buy a  new $29 slipcover if I need to replace it! 

Hope this post was helpful in your dining table journey. :)

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