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Make a Statement with Design Accent Pieces!

Let’s talk about accent pieces!!

Do you feel like when you go into a store, you’re looking for something… but you just don’t quite know what you need, or where to start? And you end up landing on that aisle (normally in Target)—you know the one I’m talking about, with all the new seasonal stuff—and you buy a few things and get home… and you get frustrated, because you can’t use any of it?

It just doesn’t work in your house. You got something cute, but it doesn’t look good in your house? Let’s jump into what you need.

You need statement pieces, and I’m going to show you how to pick the right ones.

You need something with:

  1. Texture (to add dimension—something handwoven, faux fur, or that has tassels or pom poms)

  2. Pattern (you know, something that has personality to it)

  3. And then a Big Statement Piece

For instance, this Jamesport Pillow Cover from Serena & Lilly is one of my favorites—every time it’s in a room, my eye is just drawn to it. Look for accent statement pieces like that, and then work around them. You don’t need much.

Think about over-sized, big statement pieces like a Lantern or Tufted Ottoman. Below I have links to the ones I love—the point is, I know you can find things like this. At T.J. Maxx, Target… wherever you’re at, it doesn’t have to cost too much. But when I see one statement piece in the middle of an empty space or in a room that doesn’t have much clutter—I just love it! My eye is drawn to it.

It’s such clean, timeless, beautiful design—everybody wants a home that when people walk in it feels homey, but it also makes a statement. That’s what these types of pieces do!

This white and gray embossed lattice vase from Kirkland’s (or At Home)… I put it on my Kitchen table, and every time I remove it for some reason—like a special occasion or party—I can’t wait to put it back on, because it just makes that room work.

Similarly, a Hobby Lobby vase with some wood accent beads from Amazon are perfect for staging. Putting them on top of a stack of books and lacquered West Elm tray, it doesn’t take much to give your design that pop!

So, here are some additional pieces to look for/include in your styling:

  • Wood Bead Garland or Chain Links

  • An interesting object (think rustic, eclectic, unique)

  • A stack of Design Books or magazines

  • A Vase with a bold design

Keep in mind, you want to find accents that are inviting… textures that are enjoyable to look at or that are intriguing. It just draws you in!

These are the things that I look for when I look for statement or accent pieces—remember, less is more. Because this is an area where people can make mistakes: over-decorating. If anything, I would say clear your room out, see what you love and ground your room with those elements (furniture items, etc.), and then go find one or two statement pieces to accent.

Again, don’t overwhelm yourself. Just start with a few. Sometimes I find that’s all I needed. One or two intentionally chosen accents—based on key features: texture, pattern, and then a big statement item!

I hope that these tips help you the next time you’re out (or online) looking to enhance your home with some new accent/statement pieces.

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Many blessings! -Sarah & Jason

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