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The BEST Sherwin Williams Navy to Paint Your Kitchen Island!!

Have you been looking for the perfect dark navy paint color for your kitchen island?! I can’t wait to share with you the custom color we created, and show you how we did it. :)

Okay, first, I am going to share a little bit about of our journey... I knew I wanted a dark, rich navy that almost looked black—but I didn’t want black. Unfortunately, no such color exists in the Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore fan decks.

So, we hesitantly went with Sherwin Williams Naval (SW 6244), and I ended up disappointed based on how it looked in certain lighting; especially, with the significant amount of direct sunlight that comes in our South-facing windows. It had a purple tint to it, which can definitely happen with blues.

And, even though Sherwin Williams Naval is the Color of the Year for 2020, I decided after only 9 months to change it!! (crazy, I know—lol)

Which is when I went to my local Sherwin Williams store and purchased two samples...

  1. Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh (SW 9179)—which is a little darker blue than SW Naval.

  2. And Sherwin Williams Inkwell (SW 6992)—a black, with grayish-blue undertones.

Getting them back home and testing them out on our island; again, unfortunately, neither color worked.

One was too blue and the other too dark. So, I mixed them, and that was it! The stunning, deep, rich navy I had been looking for—that held true to color even in the most direct light of the day.

Pro Tip: Even though I normally use ProClassic for trim paint... since they don’t have a base for this type of deep/dark color, I had Sherwin Williams mix it a Satin finish in the Emerald Urethane Enamel paint line.

Specifically, I had them mix 50%/50% of Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh and Inkwell. An equal amount of both. (This mixture would be the same regardless the amount your getting—for a quart or a gallon.)

And that's it—the perfect dark navy I was after!!

So, if you've been struggling to find that perfect dark navy... I highly recommend trying this combination! (Although, I do suggest first trying it in a sample, and see how it works for you/your space.)

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Last, if you do need a few paint tools... here are some things I used for our island color redo, to achieve a smooth finish. Many blessings! -Sarah & Jason

Mini paint roller set:

Cut in brush:

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